Aerosoft's - VFR Germany

Aerosoft's - VFR Germany 1.0

VFR Germany is an add-on scenery for FSX with the map of Germany west
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Aerosoft's - VFR Germany 1.0 is an add-on scenery for FSX with the map of Germany west. The add-on has detailed features and aerial images. It features over thousand of VFR objects and many other fascinating aerial images. It consists of a 95,000 km² of aerial images that has been taken at a resolution of 1 mega pixel.

Water masks has been used by the tool that promotes lakes, rivers etc. VFR reference points such as transmission towers, factories and many other things. German looking buildings have been auto-generated in this add-on. The default autogen can be replaced by a customized one with the buildings placed at their exact location as referred by the map. The runways of the airport have been already adjusted for aerial images. Glider and ultralight airfields are being bundled up with this add-on. VFR map is available for the whole area and there is an extensive manual that provides information related to every process and step so involved. The scenery has been set to perfection to let the user get the best.

The VFR add-on makes it the most anticipated plug-in for users. The scenic beauty and the graphics have been previewed in advance. It provides difficulties and challenges the users to practice with their flight experience with different domains.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Easy to use and provides a difficult terrain or challenge


  • Polygon texture has some flaws
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